Yow. And Random.

by Megan Frampton on January 17, 2008


Okay, so Kristie has been on a veritable Crusade (minus the slaughter of non-Christians) to get people to watch the BBC production of North & South (not the thing starring Patrick Swayze).

I watched it Monday and Tuesday, and YOW! Kristie was right. It was full of passion, and history, and well-developed characters, and OHYMGOD Richard Armitage almost makes Clive Owen look soft. Almost, I said.

My heart was in my throat for the last episode, and I got all gooey right at the end. You know when. So, yeah, Kristie is right, and this is such a fantastic deep miniseries. It is very much middle-class Victorian Pride & Prejudice, full of both for both hero and heroine. The workingman’s Mr. Darcy, someone commented about John Thornton. Very apt.

And the random meme Kwana and Elizabeth tagged me for:

7 random facts about Megan:
1. I do not drink coffee when I am hungover. Tea with milk and sugar, please.
2. I know, and am proud of the fact, that I am a great dancer. One of the few things that I am not neurotic about.
3. I own a dress once owned by multi-Pulitzer Prize winner Archibald MacLeish‘s wife.
4. My favorite color is black. Seriously. Not just for the shock value.
5. I am a third-generation Ivy Leaguer. Edited to add: My dad went to Harvard, my mom went to Radcliffe, my grandfather to Yale, my grandmother to Smith, and my uncle went to Brown, Yale, and Harvard, not all at the same time (B.A.. Master’s. Ph.D.).
6. For the life of me, I cannot make pancakes.
7. We almost named my son Oakley, after NY Knicks player Charles Oakley (pictured above).

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