Lemongrass In Da House!

by Megan Frampton on November 18, 2009

Lord, am I a downer lately, or what?

The good news is that I am not *quite* so downtrodden; the bad news? Haven’t managed to write more than 300 words in the past few days.

This morning I headed over to Sunset Park, the Asian section of Brooklyn. My purpose in going was to buy massive amounts of soy sauce for ridiculously low prices, since I am SO not into spending more than a few dollars for a dollop of Kikkoman soy sauce. I was the only Caucasian in the store for the entire time–not something I say to be all ‘aren’t I diverse,’ but because it is so shocking to find that kind of narrow population anywhere in New York City. I found close to two liters of soy sauce, good soy sauce, for around four dollars, and also bought lots of other insanely cheap items, including baby bok choy and lemongrass (!).

I was very excited.

And now I have a fridge-full of snow peas, tofu (on sale!), pork shoulder, edamame, steamed buns, etc. Yay! I am probably the best at cooking Chinese cuisine, although that makes my son sad, since he gets tired of stir-fries.

Tonight, no writing, but yet another middle school information meeting. The good news, again, is that the Son is pretty sure where he wants to go. The bad news is that I want to continue gathering information so we make the best possible decision, hence the many meetings.

The middle school deadline is December 15th. I will HAVE to commit to writing after that–I will have no excuse. Meanwhile, I’m gonna try to nail down the plot, as much as I can.

PS: I did not buy vegetarian swallow balls, fyi.

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