Writing. Boring.

by Megan Frampton on May 5, 2010

If I were a termite, the whole ‘boring’ thing would take another context entirely.
But since I am not, I just have to say that all I am is boring. I am writing still, most every day, and am now officially past the halfway mark with the Work In Progress.

And the laundry has been done, and meals been made, and son managed, etc., blah, etc.

I wish I could be all ‘I discovered this fabulous thing I have to share!’ and ‘I lost five pounds’ (oh, HOW MUCH do I wish that?!?), only I’ve discovered nothing. No, wait–I have discovered one thing:

If you take nonfat plain yogurt, the cheap kind, and line a strainer with a paper towel and strain said yogurt for about 12 hours, give or take, you will have a great approximation of Greek yogurt, which costs at least three times as much as cheap nonfat plain.

Whew. I feel better for having shared.

More later.

*Photo from KristieJ

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