Vanity Fare Cover!

by Megan Frampton on August 9, 2012

I’ve posted this in a few places already, so apologies if you’ve seen, but here it is: The cover for Megan Caldwell’s (that’s me!) late 2012 release, Vanity Fare:

I just got the copy edits for it, and after that, it’ll be up to me and my publisher doing marketing for it prior to release.

Meanwhile, I am doing the revision for the April 2013 release, Hero of My Heart, and finding that relatively okay. I have to tweak two big plot points, but it’s not so hard if you concentrate on what needs to be in continuity, and not on how long you might’ve labored over the misbegotten plot point in the first place.

I’m soon hosting another North and South viewing party, which will be fun, and the son returns from his sojourns away very soon. I plan on hugging him for hours when I can.

Hope everyone is well,


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