Vanity Fare ARCs!

by Megan Frampton on September 6, 2012

If you’re a book person, you know an ARC is an Advanced Reading Copy (and if you’re not a book person, I just explained it. So there you go).

Today I got ARCs of Vanity Fare, which will be out in December. It’s also up as an eARC at Edelweiss, which is where Harper Collins puts its advance e-books for book reviewers.

Also, the ARCs are being sent out to some Way Cool Authors for potential book blurbs–really hoping one of them reads it and likes it (although, duh, of course I hope they like it! Am I going to hope they ignore it? Or hate it? Duh).

I’ve been absent from here way too much, but present on Twitter (@meganf) and at my day job, Heroes and Heartbreakers ( So if you want to ‘see’ me, head there. I’ll try to be better about posting here, but I’ve been doing nothing but work, writing, and fretting about various things, so all the same stuff.

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