I Am Emerging!

by Megan Frampton on November 2, 2012

So I am THRILLED to announce that Target has chosen Vanity Fare to feature in its Emerging Authors spotlight. That means they will carry a certain number of the books in Target stores, and I will be awesome (the second part is not mandatory, btw).

I did some searching for other titles that had gotten the same honor, and they all seem to have done fairly well, so fingers crossed this will help Vanity Fare, too. The release date is less than two months away, yay!

In writing news, I am trying to finish the second book in the Loveswept deal by the end of November, and then I will spend December editing it, to turn it into my editor on 12/31. AND I WILL BE AWESOME (again, second part optional).

We are all fine post-Sandy; we lucked out, our area did not lose power, although school was canceled and work was impossible to get to. Nothing says family togetherness like being stuck together for four days. Good times.

Hope you are all good, and YAYSQUEE again about the Target thing. I am so thrilled.


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