by Megan Frampton on December 6, 2012


Vanity Fare will be out in less than a month, and of course the time I should be updating the site to reflect the DAILY EXCITEMENT, I am horribly absent.

But today I have a minute!

Let’s see: The book to which I contributed an essay, Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades of Grey, is in bookstores now. I’ve done a bunch of related events, and it’s so fascinating to see just how different people are. Which sounds asinine, on its face, and it sort of is, but I seem to be having a personal philosophy midlife crisis, so all this exposure to new ideas is making my brain spark. That sounds painful, it’s not nearly as bad in real life.

This weekend my bestie Liz Maverick is coming over to cook up one of the recipes in the back of Vanity Fare, and we’ll be photo-documenting it for a future post at Romance at Random, and perhaps here as well.

I got approval on the proposal for the second book in my Loveswept contract, and Loveswept will also be putting out a short story by me between the two full books–so right now, I’ll have at least THREE releases in 2013. I will be working on the proposal for the book in the vein of Vanity Fare soon, too (in my copious spare time).

In personal news, my son has decided on a high school (NYC has a wacky application process, which is painful and time-consuming, but results in a better fit for the kids, so I’m good with it), and so that’s done. The crazy-working husband is crazy-working, but he hopes his work will ease off soon.

How is everyone?

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