Vanity Fare Excerpt at H&H

by Megan Frampton on December 9, 2012

My worlds have collided (okay, I made them collide) because my Megan Caldwell release, Vanity Fare, is excerpted at my day job, Heroes and Heartbreakers. You can click through to read yourself, if you are so inclined.

Yesterday Liz and I made the Lord of the Tea Ring recipe, and documented it in pix so we can show everyone how it went. The tea ring has–OMG–TWO STICKS of butter in it. So of course it is delicious, although our Tea Ring did not turn out quite as planned. As things don’t.

Meanwhile, I’m finishing up the revision of a short story that will come out inbetween my two full-length Loveswept books next year–it’s going okay, although I’m acutely aware of how many deadlines I have. And I don’t have nearly as many as most other writers, but this is all so new to me it seems HUGE. But exciting and gratifying, of course.

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