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by Megan Frampton on December 19, 2012

It’s less than a week until Vanity Fare comes out, and there have been some awfully nice words said about them (all together in one sentence, too!).

It’s a really exciting time, and it’s the holidays! As always, what I want most for a gift is time to sleep, to read, to be with my family, and to write. I might actually get some of those things.

My bestest friend from high school, Anthony, has been finding old pics of us from back in the day, so I thought I’d share one from that time–it’s me and my friend Aime, apparently heading out for a night on the town. Because you know we didn’t dress like that everyday (will you look at those gloves!).

I am gonna find some of mine soon and share just for the HI-larity. Meanwhile, hope everyone has a nice ramp-up to the holidays, and that everyone gets what they most want.


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