by Megan Frampton on January 3, 2013

My most recent work-in-progress (WIP, as in ‘crack the…’) is a historical romance set during the Regency period.

A far cry from a single Brooklyn mom figuring out contemporary life.

But one thing I’ve noticed in all of my writing is that my characters’ prime motivation–for the heroines, primarily, although this applies to some of my heroes–is that they all need to have the freedom to make their own choices. I’m not sure where that springs from, that absolute urge and necessity for choice. I’m sure that it is deeply rooted in some psychological issue/trauma, but I’m okay with that; as Neitzsche says, “That which does not kill you makes you stronger.”

If I were a different person, I would TOTALLY get that tattooed across my entire back.

I am about a third of the way through the Regency-set historical, and I’m still not quite sure what the plot is; it’s interesting, just writing and seeing where things go. I’m not all goofy and say I’m channeling the characters, but there is a kind of just type, and see what happens thing going on this time.

Meanwhile, I need to find a plot somewhere.


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