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by Megan Frampton on January 10, 2013

Jerome Flynn from Ripper Street (Bronn from Game of Thrones)

The title of this particular entry sounds kinda grouchy, and I am having a grouchy day, but it’ll pass. It was just one of those days where the things that could go wrong did, and then I felt bleh, and so on, and so on–it doesn’t take much to make me fall into GrouchyLand (like Candy Land, only there’s no King Kandy. Although there is, possibly, a Gramma Nutt.)

Anyhoo, I’m still writing, and still working, and still trying to get All the Things Done, but that’s impossible, of course. So I am doing what I can, and pushing forward, knowing I will get Some of the Things Done (Eventually).

But thanks to the busy time, January’s usual doldrums are passing faster than usual, and that’s nifty, albeit stressful in a whole different way. And the weekend after next, the Much More Discriminating Taste than I Husband and I are going to a fancy place to celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary (which happened in September, but things were even busier then!). So that’s something to look forward to. And there are always books, and delicious beer, and hugs from the son, who still loves his mom, and the new kitty, and all that, so I really can’t be changing my address to GrouchyLand that quickly.

Hope everyone is doing well.

(Yes, the pic up there is of the guy who plays Bronn on Game of Thrones, who will be seen in the Victorian-set Ripper Street on BBC America starting soon, too. Apparently he plays a bare-knuckle boxer, and I am just all a-flutter. Although still smarting over the lame debacle of BBC America’s Copper).


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