Progress and Things (Not Involving Snacks, Sadly)

by Megan Frampton on January 23, 2013

So I’ve been writing the second book in my Loveswept contract–a Regency-set historical full of wit and sex and one heckuva gorgeous guy. Very similar to Vanity Fare, minus the sex and historical period part.

I am about 40,000 words into the manuscript, and I have to write 75,000. Which sounds like a lot of words–35K!–but when you get into the witty sex parts, it’s a lot easier (for me).

Vanity Fare seems to be doing well; I’m not obsessing over the sales numbers, mostly because I am not privy to the info, but it seems as though many people have spotted it in airports and bookstores, which is neat. I am secretly (or maybe not so secretly, since I am saying it here) hoping some older than a spring chicken actress reads it and decides it’d be the perfect vehicle for her. As in a movie, not as a car. As a car it would be considerably lacking, not having wheels and such.

I’ve been asked, in fact, to say who I’d imagine in the various roles of the books, and I am totally not sure about the heroine (the two men I know absolutely, since I was imagining them as I was writing).

Oh! And today I blogged over at the Secret Ingredient about “good” and “bad” food.

Hope everyone who’s in these very cold parts is staying warm.

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