Never Kiss a Duke Excerpt!

Never Kiss a Duke

I’m delighted to offer Chapter One of Never Kiss a Duke, the first book in the Hazards of Dukes series. Never Kiss a Duke will be released January 28!

Chapter One

Everything Sebastian had ever known was a lie.

“You’re saying I’m no longer the duke. That I am illegitimate. Do I have that right?” Sebastian Dutton, the Duke of Hasford, spoke in a clipped, sharp tone. A tone he normally reserved for one of his dogs caught gnawing on a shoe.

This was much bigger than footwear.

Sebastian sat across from the solicitor’s desk, his cousin Thaddeus Dutton, the Earl of Kempthorne, sitting beside him. Unlike Sebastian, Thaddeus looked as though he’d been up for hours—crisp, alert, and attentive. Likely he had; Thaddeus took his duties in service to Her Majesty very seriously. He had wanted to join the army since he and Sebastian had first played tin soldiers together.

The solicitor visibly swallowed before he replied to Sebastian’s terse statement.

“Yes. You do not have claim to being the Duke of Hasford.”

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The Earl’s Christmas Pearl

Coming in October of 2019, The Earl’s Christmas Pearl is the last story in the Duke’s Daughters Series.

A duke’s daughter. An irrestible earl. And an energetic Corgi named Mr. Shorty. What more could you want in a Christmas novella by Megan Frampton?

It’s Christmastime in London, and Lady Pearl Howlett is eagerly ready for the festivities—until her family goes off to their country estate…accidentally leaving her home alone! But she’s not dismayed. Rather, she’s thrilled to do exactly what she wants. Unfortunately, this daughter of a duke doesn’t know how to do anything.

The Earl of Llanover has come to London to take refuge in his godmother’s townhouse, free to be as awkward and grumpy as he wants. With his pet Corgi, Mr. Shorty, for company, Owen Dwyfor is ready for a quiet holiday away from his mother and sisters who would have him married off. That is, until his godmother’s neighbor, Lady Pearl Howlett comes barging in to his solitude.

After some reluctance, the two come together for a joyous—and steamy—Christmas they won’t forget.

Never Kiss a Duke

Never Kiss a Duke, the first book in the Hazards of Dukes series will be released in February of 2020.

A disinherited duke and a former lady are courting much more than business in the first novel in Megan Frampton’s newest titillating series, Hazards of Dukes.

Everything he had ever known was a lie…

Sebastian, Duke of Hasford, has a title, wealth, privilege, and plenty of rakish charm. Until he discovers the only thing that truly belongs to him is his charm. An accident of birth has turned him into plain Mr. de Silva. Now, Sebastian is flummoxed as to what to do with his life—until he stumbles into a gambling den owned by Miss Ivy, a most fascinating young lady, who hires him on the spot. Working with a boss has never seemed so enticing.

Everything tells her he’s a risk she has to take

Two years ago, Ivy gambled everything that was precious to her—and won. Now the owner of London’s most intriguing gambling house, Ivy is competent, assured, and measured. Until she meets Mr. de Silva, who stirs feelings she didn’t realize she had. Can she keep her composure around her newest employee?

They vow to keep their partnership strictly business, but just one kiss makes them realize that with each passing day—and night—it becomes clear to them both that there’s nothing as tempting as what is forbidden…

New Release! Never a Bride

Hello! I am delighted to present Never a Bride, the fourth book in the Duke’s Daughters series. Never a Bride comes out on Tuesday; here’s what it’s about:

The next thrilling installment in Megan Frampton’s scintillating A Duke’s Daughters series.

She’s a deliciously scandalous woman who is no man’s bride…

He’s a black sheep, forced to return home.

Together, they enter a make-believe betrothal that shocks London society…

After twelve years in Her Majesty’s Navy, Griffith Davies must leave his sea-going life of outrageous freedom behind, forced to rejoin London society as the heir to the Duke of Northam. But though he is now shackled to the land, he has no desire to wed some innocently dull young thing.  Who best to shield him from the matchmakers than a woman as notorious as he?

Lady Della Howlett’s reputation was tattered years ago, so entering into a false engagement with Griffith is hardly going to make matters worse. What’s one more shock to the ton to set their tongues wagging? And this pact certainly has its pleasures; the passion Griffith commands in her goes well beyond their agreement. Could her feelings might be more honorable than she’d first imagined?

Soon, Griffith and Della are arousing more than scandal, they’re courting heartbreak.  And more than their reputations could still be at risk.

In more news, I’m writing a novella to finish off the Duke’s Daughters–The Earl’s Christmas Pearl will be Pearl’s book, and it will come out in October of this year.

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Hi everyone! The Lady is Daring will be released tomorrow, but you can read an excerpt now over at USA Today.  The book will be available from online retailers as well as Walmart, Barnes&Noble, and some other regional bookstores.
Here’s the blurb:

Five well-bred sisters, one sensational scandal. Now the Duke of Marymount’s daughter Ida is about to find love in the most unconventional way . . .

It was easy for society to overlook Lady Ida Howlett; they found her bookish, opinionated, and off the marriage mart. But little did they know that behind a calm exterior beats the heart of an adventuress, one who, determined to discover her runaway sister’s whereabouts, steals a carriage and sets off on a daring mission. Then she discovers she’s not alone! Bennett, Lord Carson, is inside, and he refuses to leave.

Lord Carson’s plans had always been to find a soft, gentle wife who would run his home and raise his children. Still, he makes a bargain with Ida—he won’t desert her during her mad adventure. He’ll make sure she’s safe, and then find a suitable lady to fall in love with. But when rules (and garments) become discarded during this long, intimate journey, it’s soon clear that this surprisingly daring lady is the woman he’s needed all along.

Meanwhile, I have just submitted the final edits for Never a Bride, Della’s story. Never a Bride will be released at the end of April 2019.

And! New news is that I am writing a holiday novella featuring the last of the Duke’s Daughters, Pearl. That novella will be out sometime in the fall of 2019.

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