Revamping the Life

This summer, like all Frampton summers, has been very busy; there was RWA (the Romance Writers of America) Conference, there was a vacation to Portland, ME, where we ate ALL the lobster, there was time spent working, and writing, and preparing for other summer events (the Spawn heading to Minnesota to visit family, a family wedding coming up, then more trips).

Which is to say that I have neglected this space horribly. And I feel horrible about it; I like to be consistent, I like to let people know where I’m at in terms of writing (never enough), cleaning the house (ditto), personal angst (WAY too much), etc.

So, briefly:

My agent has sent a proposal for a book to follow in the style of Vanity Fare, my Megan Caldwell title. It will take awhile before I know what my editor decides.

I am working on a proposal for more historicals to submit to my Loveswept editor.

I am working on a synopsis for another project.

And I am working full-time.

I will be updating the site here, thanks to my Delightful Phone Friend who is delightful as well as being skilled with web design. More details as I have them.


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