Frampton Update

Man, that title is lame, huh? Hopefully I’m saving all my wit and cleverness for my writing. Speaking of that, I have written the first 5,000 words of the holiday novella that will be out in November–so far it’s not terrible.

Put Up Your Duke comes out next month (!), and I am very excited for people to get to read that one–it is a marriage of convenience book, which I never thought I’d be able to write myself, even though I love reading them. Hopefully I succeeded, and hopefully readers will love Nicholas and Isabella like I do.

Life continues to be very busy, but is settling down somewhat. I hope to be able to do things like see friends and not be panicked every time I see a clock in the near future.

I’ll be at the Romantic Times Convention next week, which is in Dallas this year. There is a big open to the public author signing, and I’ll be one of the signing authors.

Hope everyone is doing well!


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