Mid-Summer Madness!

Okay, I’m not really mad. In any sense of the word.

Things in Frampton-land are busy, as usual–I turned No Groom at the Inn, my holiday novella, in to my editor. That comes out November 10, I think. I did the revisions for One-Eyed Dukes are Wild, and now am midway through writing the next book, which should come out in mid-2016, I think. I also got laid off my from day job, which means I am looking for something else to do, but also writing a lot more than I usually am able to.

The next book I’m writing is the first Alpha Hero I’ve written, I think, since Hero of My Heart, where the hero was Alpha, yes, but also addicted to opium. This hero is just plain Alpha, no addictions in sight (unless you count the heroine!).

Meanwhile, I hope to have a cover for the novella to show very soon, and I am so delighted so many people are liking Put Up Your Duke.

Thanks for stopping by!

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