New Release News!

asingularladySo Why Do Dukes Fall in Love? comes out in late July, and I’ve already turned in the final (sniff!) book in the Dukes Behaving Badly series, which might have my favorite title to date–it’s Duke Looks Like a Lady, and it’s about a female who inherits a duchy, and the gentleman who assists her with it.

Meanwhile, I am working on a proposal for the next series, and that is coalescing in my head very gradually. AND in September I’m part of an anthology called Dressed to Kiss, and the other authors are Madeline Hunter, Caroline Linden, and Myretta Robens. My novella is called No Accounting for Love, and its hero is a bookkeeper.

AND also (all the news! I have all the news!) I am preparing to digitally release A Singular Lady, my first published book which has been out of print for eons. It’s got a new cover, and I got it all spiffily edited, and that should be coming out soon (when I find the time).

I hope everyone is having a good Spring! Happy reading, thanks for stopping by!

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