Lady Be Bad Cover!

Here’s the cover for the First Book book in The Duke’s Daughters series, Lady Be Bad.

Lady Be Bad will be released July 25, 2017. Here’s the Blurb:

Once upon a time, a duke had five daughters who never made a stir. They practiced their French, their pianoforte, and their dancing…until one ran off with the dancing instructor, and the rest were left to face the scandal.

Lady Eleanor, the Duke of Marymount’s eldest daughter, knows the burden is hers: she must marry well to restore the family name. So a loveless match is made and her fate is set. But then Eleanor meets her intended’s rakish younger brother. With his tawny hair, green eyes, and scandalous behavior, Lord Alexander Raybourn makes her want to be very bad indeed.

With his very honorable sibling too busy saving the world to woo Eleanor, Alexander is tasked with finding out her likes and dislikes for his elder brother. But the more time he spends with the secretly naughty Eleanor, helping her tick off all the things on her good list for being bad, the more he knows what they want, and need, is each other.

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No Groom at the Inn is On Sale!

No Groom at the InnHey people! My holiday novella No Groom at the Inn is priced at $.99 for a limited time!

Here’s more about it:

In this Dukes Behaving Badly holiday novella, a young lady entertains a sudden proposal of marriage—to a man she’s only just met
What does a lady do when a man she’s never seen before offers his hand in marriage? Lady Sophronia Bettesford doesn’t scream and run away. Instead, she accepts the shocking proposition. After all, what’s her other choice? To live with her cousin, caring for six children and a barnyard full of chickens?

James Archer has roamed the world, determined never to settle down. He’s faced danger and disaster…he fears nothing and no one—except his mother and her matchmaking ways. So when ordered to attend a Christmastime house party filled with holiday cheer and simpering young misses, he produces—a fiancée!

Sophronia and James vow to pretend to be in love for one month. But when they promise to give each other a Christmas kiss, it becomes clear that this pact made out of necessity might just be turning into love.

I am a fool for holiday romance. Right now I am reading Holiday Temptation with novellas from Donna Hill, Farrah Rochon, and Kwana Jackson. Next up I’ll be reading Christmas in America, with novellas from Holly Bush, Piper Huguely, Joanna Shupe, and Donna Thorland. And then I think I’ll start rereading all of Mary Balogh’s holiday stories.

All the Things!

Hey everyone! I have loads of news.

dressed-to-kissFirst off, I am in an anthology titled Dressed to Kiss, alongside Madeline Hunter, Caroline Linden, and Myretta Robens. My novella is titled No Accounting for Love, and it features a very large, somewhat awkward guy with glasses and a plus-size lady’s companion who finds him totally charming. Here’s more info about it:

True love never goes out of style….

Once renowned for creating the most envied gowns in London, Madame Follette’s dressmaking shop has fallen far out of fashion. The approaching coronation of King George IV offers a chance to reclaim former glory by supplying stunning new wardrobes to the most glittering society in Regency England. In the face of long-held secrets, looming scandals, and the potential ruin of their shop, the dressmakers of Follette’s are undaunted, not even by the most unexpected complication of all: true love.

The Duke’s Dressmaker by Madeline Hunter

When the Duke of Barrowmore walks into the dress shop, Selina Fontaine assumes her secret identity will be compromised. Four years ago this man’s brother abandoned her to scandal, and she holds the duke responsible. To her amazement the duke is more interested in pursuing her than exposing her, however—and that pursuit soon becomes seductively pleasurable.

A Fashionable Affair by Caroline Linden

Madame Follette’s is Felicity Dawkins’s birthright; her mother founded it, and now she runs it. She’s fiercely committed to making it the most exclusive modiste in London. The Earl of Carmarthen also has big plans for the shop—he wants to buy it and tear it down, to make way for a grand new boulevard of shops. One way or another, he’s determined to persuade Felicity…not only to sell her shop, but to explore the passion that sparks between them every time they meet.

No Accounting for Love by Megan Frampton

Miss Katherine Grant is a lady’s companion, one whose number of dishonorable offers (six) greatly outweigh her honorable ones (zero). Now tasked with making certain her charge, Lady Euphemia, does not contract herself to someone inappropriate, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to Mr. Henry Dawkins, the inappropriate gentleman Lady Euphemia wants to charm, who keeps the books at Madame Follette’s. But it seems that Henry only has eyes for Miss Katherine Grant.

The Colors of Love by Myretta Robens

Delyth Owen’s exuberant passion for her new job as a dressmaker at Madame Follette’s is matched only by her love of diverse, vibrant, and frequently unfortunate color combinations. Simon Merrithew, the pseudonymous author of a well-regarded fashion column, is horrified by the gown Delyth creates for a friend, and suspects her motives. He sets out to uncover her duplicity, but instead, he uncovers genuine joy and discovers the colors of love.

Then there’s My Fair Duchess, the final book (sniff!) in the Dukes Behaving Badly series. That will be out February 28, 2017.

The unexpected duchess

Archibald Salisbury, son of a viscount, war hero, and proficient in the proper ways of aristocratic society, has received orders for his most challenging mission: Genevieve, Duchess of Blakesley. How she inherited a duchy isn’t his problem. Turning her into a perfect duchess is. But how can he keep his mind on business when her beauty entices him toward pleasure?

It was impossible, unprecedented…and undeniably true. Genevieve is now a “duke”, or, rather, a duchess. So what is she to do when the ton eyes her every move, hoping she’ll make a mistake? Genevieve knows she has brains and has sometimes been told she has beauty, but, out of her depth, she calls on an expert. And what an expert, with shoulders broad enough to lean on, and a wit that matches her own. Archie is supposed to teach her to be a lady and run her estate, but what she really wants to do is unladylike—run into his arms.

And I have great news, which is that I am launching a new series with Avon called The Duke’s Daughters. The first book, Lady Be Bad, will be out at the end of July 2017. We are working on the blurb (I’ve turned the book in already!), and I’ll share that and the cover when I have them. I’m going to start writing Lady Be Reckless early next week!

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My Fair Duchess Cover!

my-fair-duchessHey! Here’s the cover for the fifth (and final) book in the Dukes Behaving Badly series, My Fair Duchess.

My Fair Duchess will be released February 28, 2017, and is so new that it doesn’t have a blurb yet!

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A Singular Lady is Now Digitally Published!

asingularlady-1600x2400I’ve just republished my first-ever book, A Singular Lady, for digital platforms. It was first released in print only in 2005, and this is the first time it’s been made available for digital formats.

And you can find it in its various digital iterations here.

Also, Why Do Dukes Fall in Love? will be released at the end of July, and that book is available in both print and digital formats.

And I’m working on the first book in a brand-new series, and that’s going super well.

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