What Not to Bare is Out!

What Not to Bare by Megan FramptonMy frothy historical romance, What Not to Bare, is now available! Here are some facts about it:


–It costs $2.99 and yes, is a full-length book.
–It is set in the Regency period in England.
–Its hero looks a lot like my obsession favorite model David Gandy
–Its heroine is very, very curious and asks a LOT of questions.
–Its heroine has a friend who I’ve got a story in mind for–we’ll see what happens with that.
–It was a blast to write.


The Writing of the Books

manganielloWHAT NOT TO BARE comes out October 14, less than a month from now, and YAY! and WHEE! and other exclamatory noises.

My agent has a few new proposals for both my Megan Frampton and Megan Caldwell personae. We’re figuring out what to do with them, and I hope there will be news soonish.

Meanwhile, my son is a freshman in high school, is taller than me, and is already frequently embarrassed by me. Parenting, I am doing it right.

My day job at Heroes and Heartbreakers is going well–I love my work, I am so lucky to have this job and work with the people I do. They are all awesome, and I actually like going to work everyday. Not something everyone can say. It doesn’t leave me a lot of time for other things–well, besides the essentials of reading, embarrassing my son, drinking wine, and watching historical miniseries–so I’ve been busy and sometimes stressed about how little I seem to be doing when I am not at work. But it’s a good kind of stress to have, I think.

Today was the first day in over four months I’ve had to wear socks. I am sad about summer being over, but then again, there are fall sweaters, so I assuage myself with that thought. Plus cute socks are cute!

Thanks for stopping by!


(The hero of the thing I’m working on now looks like Joe M. here, above).




No, “proposal-ing” is not a word, but I seem to be the queen of the portmanteau words,, and I am making up a ton of them in the mere 6K or so words I’ve got on the new proposal.

I should be finished with the sample chapters soon, and then I start working on the synopsis, which is always way worse than the writing itself. I’m not a plotter, but I do feel as though the writing and the book goes better if I have some idea of where I’m going.

DF-04910.DNGAll of which is to say I am very busy, and I have two very busy Frampton males in my life who need tending, and so things are much as they were, albeit with more maxi dresses.
This picture has little to do with anything, except that I liked Pacific Rim.

Revamping the Life

This summer, like all Frampton summers, has been very busy; there was RWA (the Romance Writers of America) Conference, there was a vacation to Portland, ME, where we ate ALL the lobster, there was time spent working, and writing, and preparing for other summer events (the Spawn heading to Minnesota to visit family, a family wedding coming up, then more trips).

Which is to say that I have neglected this space horribly. And I feel horrible about it; I like to be consistent, I like to let people know where I’m at in terms of writing (never enough), cleaning the house (ditto), personal angst (WAY too much), etc.

So, briefly:

My agent has sent a proposal for a book to follow in the style of Vanity Fare, my Megan Caldwell title. It will take awhile before I know what my editor decides.

I am working on a proposal for more historicals to submit to my Loveswept editor.

I am working on a synopsis for another project.

And I am working full-time.

I will be updating the site here, thanks to my Delightful Phone Friend who is delightful as well as being skilled with web design. More details as I have them.